Probable new customer question

I decided not to wait for any possible Apple TV hardware update and buy one of the current 160GB units. I only recently stumbled onto aTV Flash and it looks impressive. One of my reasons for holding back on the Apple TV was the size of the HD. Use of aTV Flash with a large external drive is one of the big reasons for buying the Apple TV now (I want the Apple TV media available at all times without having to have my computer on.).

My newbee question: if I configure the external HD as SECONDARY and place my iTunes folder on the internal HD, can I store my iPhoto library and all my movies on the external drive? Sorry, but I’m a little confused about the term “non-iTunes media”! My hope is that the internal drive with the external drive would operate as the equivalent of one big HD. If this is not the case, and I need to configure the external HD as PRIMARY, what needs to be on the internal drive, if anything? My primary use of the Apple TV is to listen to iTunes music, view iPhoto pictures and slideshows, and watch movies currently on my computer.

Thanks for your interest in aTV Flash, and sorry for the confusion.

Non-iTunes media is simply classified as any media that is not supported by iTunes (WMV, AVI, DVD files etc) that is transferred manually to the AppleTV. By default any external drive connected to the AppleTV will be usable for these types of files.

If you want use the external drive for iTunes syncing, the drive can easily be setup as primary storage. This will allow iTunes to sync to the external drive instead of the internal drive. You can switch back to using the internal drive at anytime, but unfortunately iTunes can only sync to one at a time.

More info on USB drives can be seen here:

Thanks for your quick reply!

Here’s my situation: My iTunes folder is currently 34 GB. My iPhoto Library is currently 89 GB (and growing!). I assume that these are both classified as “iTunes Media”. As such, it looks like I’d be better off configuring the external HD as PRIMARY and syncing the iTunes and iPhoto to the PRIMARY drive, giving me more room to grow. Can I assume that I can also store “non-iTunes Media” (i.e. movies) also on the external HD? What becomes of the Apple TV internal (SECONDARY) HD? Can I store additional “non-iTunes Media” (i.e. movies) on the Apple TV internal (SECONDARY) HD?

Yes, the non-iTunes media can be stored on both the internal and external drive.