Pro subscription for family members

How do I activate the pro-subscription for other family members?

Did you try the steps in the tacked “Sticky” thread at the top of this sub forum titled “Infuse Pro: Subscription vs Paid App”?

Thanks for the Quick reply.

I’m doing the in app purchase. So I guess the trakt account is serving as an indicator for the subscription.

Ideally it would be great to support different trakt acounts so different family members doesn’t add to eachothers watch stats.

We’ll likely look into other ways of handling this in the future. We’re still hoping Apple will start allowing In-App Purchases and Subscriptions to be shared. It would make our lives way easier. :wink:

James, are you still looking into ways to allow sharing a Pro subscription without also sharing a Trakt account?

It’s been on the back burner as we’ve been working on other features.

We’re still hopeful Apple will expand Family Sharing to include subscriptions, if not all In-App Purchases.

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