Pro Subscription Family Sharing - Unable to activate

I have a pro subscription which I believe I should be able to share with member on my Apple Family plan.

My subscription works perfectly but my daughter and father are unable to activate the Pro features but clicking the ‘Restore’ button either on the Apple TV, iPhone or iPad.

Are they doing something wrong?

This post should help figure things out. :wink:

So, I should be able to share my pro subscription or not?

As long as it’s in app, the Apple ids are included in your family, and everyone has the latest version of iOS and tvOS. You also have to have purchase sharing setup in your family account (this means everyone shares one credit card)

All of this is checked off my end, all correct but I’m unable to share my pro subscription :confused:


I had to switch Off then On the “Share Subscription” option within my iCloud account settings

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