Pro Subscription Among Family: A Solution

I’ve read a few threads on this issue, of varying ages. One sort of hinted me in the right direction; it’s closed now so I could not expand on it, but I wanted to write my story here, just in case others have the same issue.

I upgraded my AppleTV and gifted my old one (which still has a lot of life left in it) to my parents. I am the organizer for our AppleID family sharing, and figured this would be easy: after they used their AppleID to set up the AppleTV, we went to the App Store, family sharing, purchases, and downloaded Infuse (currently version 7) from there. Opened the app, and then went to “Restore” for purchases, as I’ve bought the lifetime license/subscription. But it just jiggled in error, and Infuse kept prompting us to upgrade.

We tried a bunch of things. All settings were correct; downloading the app on its own didn’t help. Nothing seemed to work.

The solution, somewhat weirdly, was to download Infuse to the iPhone of the parents whose AppleID was used to set up the AppleTV. For reasons I can’t explain, “restore” worked for Infuse on the iPhone. I can’t remember if it then automatically unlocked it on the AppleTV or if we still had to hit “restore” on the AppleTV as well, but either way, it worked without an issue then.

Seems like a glitch in some form - based on what I’ve read, the glitch is likely on Apple’s end - but I’m happy to have it resolved. Hope it’s helpful to anyone else who was also pulling their hair out over this.

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