Pro select with daughters Family Account

Dear fireCore Infuse Users&Devs,

I ´m from Germany.

ATV 4k latest tvOS and Infuse. Clean install of Infuse = pro selection is successfull.

ATV 4 latest tvOS and Infuse from our daughter, if iCloud login is with my Apple ID,
Infuse = pro selection is successfull, BUT if she is logged in with her Apple ID,
which I created for Apple Music Family, Infuse = pro selection is NOT possible.

I hope its clear, what I described.

Do you have an Idea, how she can use Infuse with her ID, instead ATV with my ID.
Otherwise, she has to switch too often, to use Apple Music with her Apple ID and Infuse with mine

Have you tried the instructions here? Infuse Pro: Purchases, Upgrades, and Family Sharing

Dear NC Bullseye, thank you for your quick reply.

I ve checked all Family Members are listed in my Family Sharing group with purchase share = on.

Am I understand correctly, if I purchased Infuse, years ago through In-App purchase,
I have to use the trakt way? Or is this way only for new users/purchases?

Sorry, dont understand it correctly. Is trakt á must have to use with Family, just want Infuse pro working

Sorry for the confusion.

Apple does not currently allow In-App Purchases or Subscriptions to be shared via Family Sharing. However, in Infuse this can be done by using Trakt.

To share your purchase with your family, simply ensure you are logged into the same Trakt account on all devices. This is required for both Infuse 5 and Infuse 6.

Dear James, thx for your reply. I will try with trakt, than report here.

Greetings from Germany

Do I have to use trakt forever, so Infuse is still in pro Mode?
Or just to move into pro, with my daughters iCloud ID, than later disable trakt?

You’ll need to keep all devices logged into Trakt.

You can however disable scrobbling, so watched history is not sent from certain devices.

Is the case for v4.3.7 too? I can’t get my kids AppleTV’s that are logged into my Trakt account to show up as Infuse Pro.

Why are they on such an old version. If it’s an in app subscription you should get free updates to version 6. If you bought the separate pro outright from the App Store then you’ll need to use iCloud family sharing.

Unfortunately, not. Family Sharing via Trakt was added in Infuse 5.