Pro restore not working no matter what feb 23, 2021

Restoring in app purchase for infuse 6 pro. So i’ve been dealing with this for ios 14.4 but the pro status is gone. I’ve wiped the device, i’ve contacted apple and had them escalate to the engineers (no response), i’ve talked to firecore. I CANNOT restore my purchase to my iphone, ipad or apple tv.

I’ve wiped the device, I have reinstalled the app, i’ve done family sharing on and off, i’ve reinstalled the OS, i’ve used many devices. My partner has infuse pro and it works fine on that account when signed in to the apple tv, etc, but mine does not.

I’ve reached out for help many times but have been met with a lot of “im sorries”. I haven’t been able to use my purchase in months now and it seems as though I may not be able to.

Im frustrated and really think that this is ridiculous. There needs to be a way for devs to get this info to apple so they can fix it in a timely fashion.

Sorry for the trouble.

We have been seeing a handful of issues like this over the past few weeks, and we have an open case with Apple which they are currently investigating.

If you have a case number from Apple, it may be helpful if we can link that with our open case so they can investigate things from both ends (we have done this with 3 other users, but the more the better).

Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t allow developers to access any personal info or purchase history from the App Store, so we don’t really have a way to see your purchase. All we can do is have the App submit a request through the App Store APIs (this is done automatically when downloading the app, or manually via the Restore button) and we get a basic response from Apple on whether you have an active purchase or not.

yeah im one of those 3 users I think. Can we pm case numbers or something? I have spent months on this now and apple keeps blaming you and you keep blaming them and im stuck in phone calls and DM’s trying to fix this mess lol.

Yes, if you want to PM me your case number I can give you our case number as well.

The initial response we got from them was ‘everything looks fine’ but providing the extra case numbers has caused them to go back and look a little deeper. Hopefully there will be some news soon.