Pro on iphone but not on tvos

I’m pro and subscribed on iphone and ipad but atv ask for subscription.
Is this normal ?

Did you purchase the Pro version outright or did you get the free version and do a subscription?

There are two different versions of Infuse.

If there’s a “Restore” button on the subscriptions then try that. Also make sure you are signed into the same icloud and user IDs as the other devices.

This may help.

The issue comes from trakt apparently.
I’m unable to sign in
Unknown rsponse

So you’re doing the family sharing option?

I’m the only one using it

Then you don’t need trakt since you have have Infuse on multiple devices under the same icloud id.

Do you see a “Restore” button by the subscription settings?

I tried it
Gives me an error

I’d suggest going into the settings on the ATV and making sure you are signed in to the App store and to iCloud with the same ID as the other devices. That’s about the only thing that will keep you from adding a device.

This is the case