[PRO] Metadata storage cloud service option

So currently Infuse grabs all the metadata from various sources and throws it right into iCloud exclusively but it would make it so much easier to work with if there was an option to store that metadata on other cloud services because we could then use the cloud service’s mobile apps to instantly and easily edit any metadata we want (plus technically the other cloud services are a lot cheaper than iCloud for large libraries with GBs of metadata).

iCloud doesn’t let us access it at all (AFAIK no one’s attempted to publicly RE this). To be fair, neither does data stored via the app-specific Google Drive API but I’d recommend not using that API (just a couple different API calls) if you choose to do this because accessing app-specific data is difficult (tho possible).

PS. Free users would probably enjoy the option for local metadata storage verses iCloud if they have a large library but I’m personally guessing all people with large libraries are PRO users so I feel as if this metadata storage choice only applies to us.