Pro 5 iCloud Sync, made a complete mess

I have few ATV4 accessing from the same NAS, NAS has a few hundred English titles, a few hundred Chinese titles, a few hundred Japanese/Korean titles… I download Metadata in their native language. It is very tedious as I have to repeat the same work on multiple ATV4.

I upgraded to Pro 5 just because its new feature “iCloud Sync”. I thought I could just modify Metadata on one ATV4 and restore to others in seconds.

So I installed Pro 5, iCloud Sync is enabled by default.

I changed meta language to English, added Favourites that contain only English titles, let it complete scanning, checked each title, fixed some.

Then I changed meta language to Chinese, added Favourites that contain Chinese titles, let it complete scanning, checked and fixed wrong titles.

Repeated the same for Japanese and Korean Favourites.

It took me 2 hours.

Then I installed Pro 5 on second ATV4, things were restored from the same iCloud account:

  1. NAS configuration
  2. Favorites
  3. Recent watched titles

No more. Infuse settings are not synced, metadata are not synced, corrected titles are not synced. It just saved you time to find NAS and auto-add Favourites, the second Infuse still has to scan files, fetch metadata, fix wrong titles… repeat the same work as I did on the first ATV4, which is same as I did before with Infuse Pro 4. What’s the point of having iCloud Sync?

And even worse now, because it auto-added favourites, auto-started fetching, those Chinese/Korean/Japanese titles all became English… a complete mess.

I had to turn off iCloud Sync, clear meditate,remove favourites, and re-added them one by one like what I did on the first ATV4.

So this iCloud Sync

  1. does not sync metadata language
  2. does not sync downloaded metadata so you have to download again
  3. does not sync modified titles

Very disappointed with Pro 5, especially on this iCloud feature.

Can you consider to add meta data language setting for each Favorite?
I have mentioned this some time ago Metadata language setting for each Favourite