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@james Here is my latest iOS report. I appreciate that the number of domains contacted is far less than many other apps but still curious as to why there needs to be so many outside of the TMDb, Apple and iCloud ones. Specifically wondering why google is on there and also all of the Unnamed Domains

If you have opted into data sharing (thank you, it helps us make Infuse better) you will see connections to Flurry and App Center. This is anonymous crash and performance data which allows us to improve Infuse and catch issues that can come up from time to time. If you prefer to avoid these connections, you can disable the ‘Share Crash Data’ option in Infuse > Settings > General.

Connections to Google can be for Google Drive and Google Cast related features. We don’t use any Google services beyond this in the app.

Unnamed domains can be duplicates of some of the other connections which are just using a fixed IP address instead of the DNS name. These may also be for things like NTP time servers, which Infuse will connect to from time to time.

The Apple domains are related to iCloud sync, purchases, TestFlight, and other Apple services.



I’m surprised though that I would see this even though I am not using any of google services with Infuse.

If you’re on a Wi-Fi network with a Google Cast device, or in close proximity to one then these may pop up as well.

If you don’t plan to use Google Cast then you can disable Bluetooth permissions for Infuse (iOS Settings > Infuse) and these should be reduced.

That’s the thing. I do have bluetooth disabled already

I suppose this may still appear if you’re on a Wi-Fi network with a Google Cast device (Chromecast, Android TV, etc…)

Got it. Thanks again for the info

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