Printed catalogue?

Has anyone developed a way to extract a catalogue with key metadata in neat layout for a printer (or PDF)?

I’ve got bored with reading plot summaries to my family as we negotiate each movie time. I’d like to give them a printout showing thumbnail, title, director/cast, length, and synopsis, for all the movies in my Infuse collection.

I am sure this has been done before but can’t remember what tools are best for it. Suggestions (for Apple platforms preferably) welcomed!

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Well when you remember please post it. :laughing:

I’d love a way to have a pdf file to scroll through for family to see what’s available.

Maybe Firecore could do a companion app to Infuse that would on a schedule say weekly or monthly produce a PDF file that had current library with current watched status. I’d pay for another product of theirs that would round out some other needs.

Instead of wasting paper and ink, why not save an iPad from landfill and put your pdfs on that for the family to scroll through.

If you are going to have an iPad laying around then just put infuse on it. No need for a PDF. But the original request is still valid.

Why not up vote the original post if you see any value in the suggestion?

Some people aren’t able to have a spare ipad laying around or maybe their library isn’t massive and a couple of printed pages would fill their need.

Not the aggressive reply I was expecting, especially from the mod.

I think the OP explained it pretty well in either wanting printed or PDFs
Together with

While you are correct

here in the UK there are a number of Ewaste charities who take old office equipment and sell or repurpose it, I’m writing this on a 1st gen Ipad air bought from such a place, but maybe I wrongly presumed this was something available in other countries.

I would also hazard a guess that the OP has more than a few movies to go through especially as they’ve invested into the purchase of Infuse.