Primary USB Hard Drive not an option with 3.6.4

Hi there… I’ve been absolutely gagging for an easy solution to use my USB Hard drive as the primary storage option and so was over the moon when it was announced just recently. The small stumbling block I’ve got is that I don’t see the option of iTunes Storage under the Setting tab.

I went through the below procedure last night to get as clean an install as possible but still I can’t get it to work…

I reset my Apple TV to factory settings
Downloaded and installed the latest Apple Software
Patched it using 3.6.4
Installed Nito TV via the menu option as per FAQ instructions
Installed the Smarti installer
Plugged my USB hard drive in
Go to the Setting tab via Maintenance and the only otpions I see are “Apple TV Updates” and NiTo TV Installed which was last run today.
I would expect to see the options that are detailed in the USB Storage FAQ here but alas I don’t.

Am I doing something stupidly obviously not right?

Any help would be much appreciated.


Seems I was having the same problem as the poster before me. I also thought the version I downloaded was 3.6.4 (at least that’s what the installation 7 zip folder says).

I’ll reformat patch stick and downloaded for sure the latest version from aTV Flash and see how I get on also…
I’m positive I downloaded 3.6.4 though…