Pricing models

Let me start off this post to say that, I’ve been quite reliant on Infuse Pro, and I never regretted about purchasing it in any sense.
This isn’t a rant post, just a word for the Sales Team about the pricing strategy.

In essence,
For all future updates, opt for the $6.99/yr option.
For Just v5, opt for the $12.99 option.
There is no v4 to v5 upgrade discount and it’s not for free.

IMHO, whoever brought previous versions, there is no upgrade discount? isn’t that a bit aggressive to tell previous/loyal existing customers “yeah we’re on a subscription based pricing model now, so whatever you bought previously, it’s your problem”? I’d say, a dollar discount or two won’t hurt.

I’m sticking with v4 unless pricing model changes.

Apple’s vision for upgrade pricing is the annual subscription model which we introduced in Infuse 5. Unfortunately they don’t offer us a way to offer discounts or special pricing for those upgrading from v4. :frowning:

If there would have been a way to offer discounts to all previous users, we definitely would have offered something.

Thanks for your kind reply which is a good hint of good customer service.

A suggestion after reading your reply, which is completely understandable because of Apple’s limitation, would probably be:

  1. offer a discounted offer for a limited time. If an application has been purchased previously by any customer, they are more aware of the introduction of the new software due to the news channel (either from social media, or even a nil-update push to apple store for v4, to notify users to seize the opportunity to opt for the upgrade in a limited time discounted offer) hence, discounted offer would be a good start
  2. offer the software as aforementioned price after the discounted period, treating the early birds like insiders.

Just a thought.

Also, seeing the community taking it the wrong way for the pricing models, I’d suggest opening up to public about apple’s payment method which is the culprit of the pricing model.