Previously working aTV Flash black stuck on connect to iTunes screen

Hi all,

While watching streaming media using aTV Flash black, a connection was lost and the Apple TV froze. I unplugged power, waited, and re-instated power and now the Apple TV is stuck on the connect to iTunes screen. Tried doing soft reboots with the same result. Did the software on the drive get corrupted somehow? Do I need to start from scratch again? (Restore, jailbreak, install, etc.)

Any help is appreciated,


That would be the expected result if you did the jailbreak using 4.4.x series firmware.    The jailbreak for 4.4.x series firmware is currently tethered which means that the ATV2 needs to be connected to your PC/Mac to complete the boot process any time you lose power (or do a hard reset).    Follow the process outline at ro do the tethered boot.

If you used the 4.3 firmware then this is an untethered jailbreak (meaning it can boot from power off without help from the PC/Mac) and something else has gone wrong so you would probably need to start again from scratch.

Can’t remember off the top of my head what version of software I used to jailbreak, but I remember definitely having to do a tethered boot. Thanks so much for the information. I had no idea that you had to re-do this every time you lost power.


That is the downside of a tethered boot :frowning:

Most of the time one simpply leaves the ATV2 powered on (possibly in sleep mode) so that one avoids having to do the tethered boot too often.   However if something goes badly wrong so that one has to do a power cycle (or hard reset) to recover then the tethered boot needs repeating.