Previously played movies not showing On Deck

I’m having a minor issue with the ‘On Deck’ function in Infuse. Hoping there’s a quick fix.

I have Plex Media Server on a Synology NAS and play through Infuse on an Apple TV 4K (Infuse Pro version 6.1.4). iCloud sync is turned on and Trakt.

Say, I’ve watched a movie in Infuse months ago, then start watching it again and stop part way through. When I come back to Infuse, that movie doesn’t show in the On Deck pane. It does, however, show in the ‘Continue Watching’ pane in Plex. If I go through the library in Infuse and find the movie again, it has correctly saved my progress and asks if I want to resume playing from where I left off. So, the progress is saved but it’s just not showing in the On Deck pane…and I’d like it to.

It used to work fine when I wasn’t using Plex shares and just streaming the movies directly from my NAS (i.e. what I used to do before Infuse and Plex starting playing nicely together). It didn’t seem to matter if I had watched the movie before or not in Infuse, if I was part-way through, I’d see it On Deck.

The only fix is in Infuse. If I set the movie to unwatched prior to playing it, then it will show up in the On Deck pane if I stop part way through…but I don’t always remember to do that each time and it’s a pain.

I figured I’d just set every movie to unplayed and that would fix the issue… So, in Plex, I bulk toggled my entire library to ‘Unplayed’. However, that didn’t work - the watched status in Infuse doesn’t seem to reflect the change in Plex.

Is there an easy way of setting all movies to Unwatched in Infuse? Or just reflect the Plex watched status? Or is there another way to fix this issue and have part-played previously-watched movies show in the On Deck pane?

Thanks for your help!

I feel so stupid! I just had to turn off trakt and it’s fine.

If anyone else is having this issue, that’s the fix!

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