Preview thumbnail while pausing/seeking still a bit off

I am talking about the small rectangle showing when pressing “pause”. On v6.0 it was off by few seconds, right now in v6.0.2 it’s still a bit off (maybe 1/2 a second). See the attached screenshot, the guy’s arm isn’t showing. Not really a big deal, but it was working fine in v5 if I remember correctly.

For performance reasons, Infuse uses key frames from the video. The more key frames a video has, the more accurate the preview thumbnail will be. Depending on the scene, it may not be an exact copy of the current (large) frame displayed on-screen, but IMHO it doesn’t really need to be.

Well, James, while seeking with the touchpad it’s preferable if it is an exact match. For the obvious reason that I may want go exactly to a certain point in the movie. Again, it isn’t the end of the world (I may go back/forward 10s when in the wrong position). Still it’s a bit of a waste of time. Not really an issue if it’s less of a second, but when I first used it in v6.0 it was off by few seconds. It felt like Prime Video on Android TV/FireOS. :wink: