Prevent updates


I just finished applying the Jailbreak using Seas0nPass Firecore 5.3 (iOS 6.1.4 - 10B809) software.

It was successful, but, soon after my ATV2 booted up, it offered to update itself for me.

I assumed the Jailbreak would prevent updates from being applied that would remove the Jailbreak.

Can someone tell me how to prevent any updates from happening that would be harmful to the Jailbreak?

Thanks in advance.

Simple-go to atv2 settings>general>automatic update>select no option. Do not update until forums say ok.

NitoTv installs a true update prevention:

There is numbers installers for nitoTV for different OS pc/mac/jailbroken non aTV iOS devices…

The installers are a way to install nitoTV on your aTV that install it from different OS’s like pc/mac/jailbroken non aTV iOS devices.