Prevent Infuse Pro updating library

Since a week or so i am playing around with a 3th generation Apple TV.
First app i discovered was Infuse Pro to add a videowall for all my movies/series on drives in the network. It found all my content and everything was scraped on the right way. Even some very exotic titels.

What i dont like is that Infuse Pro scrapes every time when i go into the application?!
Cant find a option to turn that of?! I rather update mannualy instead of automatic
Did i miss that option in the settings or isn’t there? If not please add this feature to the application…

If my English is a bit bad? Forgive me, its not my native language

same issue here, really annoying when you have a large library, “TV Shows” itself is around hundred of thousands episodes, when it for once did index the whole folder next day it began again and then failed again…