Prevent i-device from sleeping during library update


is it possible to have the iOS app prevent the device from sleeping while being on the “Library” portion of the settings panel AND during an ongoing scan?

the issue is quite simple - when scanning a big library I need to constantly “fondle and caress” my iPad / iPhone so it wouldn’t sleep and the scan could complete.
the is only required on initial scans for big libraries and therefore adding this behavior to when the user is focused on the specific settings panel is a simple workaround.

Infuse will do this to an extent, but will limit the scan time to 5 minutes while on battery power.

If you connect your device to power, it will allow Infuse to stay open until the full scan completes.

Note: With Infuse 6, you only need to have one device ‘scan’ your files. Other devices will be able to quickly pick up the library details from iCloud, so they will get a fully updated library much, much faster.

can confirm that the app behaves as intended on iPhone/iPad using v.6.
furthermore - it actually falls asleep once the scan is complete.

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