Preparing Apple TV for restore

I just received a second Apple TV (2nd Gen) for x-mas, I successfully jailbroke my 1st Apple TV (2nd Generation) when I received it about a year ago but I have been unsuccessfully thus far with my new one. I get through the jailbreaking process just fine but when it comes the iTunes restore part of the jailbreak it does not complete, iTunes will either give me an error or most often it will just hang in the “Preparing Apple TV for restore” mode. Any suggestions or help to this problem would be greatly appreciated!


I am having the same issue… Any ideas?


Easy steps, 1 You plugin Micro USB and waiting for rapid fast flashing. 2 plugin power cable and use SeaOnPass jailbreak, after it restoring done and it will run some modes… And final you will see Restoring Apple TV  and it do nothing, 3 you will wait and see the light is solid and not flashing, now you unplug only your power cable, 4 waiting few seconds, it will done, I do my unit like that. Good luck. 

if the light flashes and u plug it directly into itunes and it’s does the try to restore it and it does the same thing. the unit is bricked.