Prefers default subtitle language regardless of existence of external subtitles

Currently, Infuse prefers the external subtitles regardless of the default subtitle language. While I do believe that defaulting to external subtitles logically makes the most sense, as automation becomes more popular for digital libraries, I believe that many users will have a variety of external subtitles for accessibility purposes.



├── Movie (2023) {imdb-tt10366206} [Hybrid][WEBDL-2160p][DV HDR10][EAC3 Atmos 5.1][10bit][h265]-CMRG.mkv (EN, ES, FR included)

├── Movie (2023) {imdb-tt10366206} [Hybrid][WEBDL-2160p][DV HDR10][EAC3 Atmos 5.1][10bit][h265]

└── Movie {imdb-tt10366206} [Hybrid][WEBDL-2160p][DV HDR10][EAC3 Atmos 5.1][10bit][h265]


I own Infuse Pro and share it via Family Share to my non-English speaking family members. Those members would have the default subtitle language set to Chinese, while I personally have it set to English.

The expected behavior should be to select the language that is defaulted.