Prefer embedded subtitles instead of side file

Is there a way to make Infuse preferably use embedded subtitles (PGS, Vobsub or text) over side files? They generally are of better quality.

I am using Infuse 6.2 connected to a Plex library.

You should be able to use either, and they’ll all be listed together in the Subtitles section of the Playback Menu.

Thanks for your reply. Yes I can use either, I was wondering whether there is a way to default to embedded ones instead of always defaulting to the art file and having to manually change.


There’s no way to really prefer embedded subs over external, as Infuse will treat these equally. However, Infuse will be able to honor the default/forced tags for subtitles, as well as language preferences…which usually allows for the correct subs to be selected automatically.

IMHO, external subtitles actually look better than some embedded subs (vobsubs in particular).

I tried to remux an m4v file with Subler choosing an embedded subtitles track as default, but that did not seem to work unfortunately.

I agree that external subtitles generally look better, but on certain files, it is extremely difficult to find correctly synced ones.

Oh yes, I second this! Just an option to prefer embedded subs would be perfect!

After several tries, I can confirm Infuse does not honor the default flag when it is on embedded subtitles (using Plex library).

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