Pre-sales question regarding Plex profiles / Plex server integration

I haven’t yet purchased Infuse Pro (or an Apple TV for that matter) but am about to be a former Chromecast w/Google TV user due to Google’s announcement today that they’re going to start displaying “recommendations” (read: ads) on kids’ profiles. I’d like to give my young kids a curated, ad-free experience and their entire media library is on a Plex server running on my Synology NAS. So the whole point of using the Chromecast w/Google TV is so they can open Plex, open the “Kids” profile in Plex, and choose their show from their library. I don’t want them getting ads and suggestions for a whole bunch of other stuff and Google is now taking that away. So while I currently have no products in Apple’s ecosystem, it appears the Apple TV is the only streamer box that doesn’t show “recommendations” and as such I’m looking into that. But there seem to be a number of issues with the native Plex app for Apple TV, which leads me over to considering Infuse Pro.

But I’m curious as to how Infuse Pro works with Plex. Does it just read the Plex media folders on the NAS (meaning anything in Plex for any user would show up) – OR – does it work natively with how Plex is configured including specific Plex users and libraries/media specifically authorized in Plex Media Server for those users?

In other words, it still does me no good if Infuse Pro is going to read the entire server and serve up all content in Plex on the NAS to the kids, including from the adults’ profiles. But on the other hand, if Infuse Pro can specifically access the “Kids” profile in Plex, metadata and all, and only serve up that content and none else… I may have just found my solution for the kids’ streamer.

Thanks in advance.

To clarify since it may be helpful… the kids’ media is still in the “TV Shows” and “Movies” library in Plex. Not a separate library. But anything designated for them has a sharing tag of “Kids” and then the Kids profile is set to only show media matching the sharing tag “Kids”. So regardless of library, if the media doesn’t have that tag in Plex Media Server, the Kids profile can’t see it.

If the new AppleTV will be exclusively used by the kids, then I’d suggest moving all the kids items to a specific folder(s)/share on your Synology and then only select that share/those folders in Infuse. You likely won’t even need to use Plex (I just connect direct to my Synology and it gets the job done).

Every now and then Infuse mentions they are working on supporting multiple user profiles (if you share the device) for a soon to be released update but I’m not seeing it on the currently pending list so can’t really make a guess if that’s coming anything soon.

That’s helpful. Thanks! So at this time multiple Plex profiles are not supported but they may be at some point in the future?

I can’t say for sure, because I don’t use Plex — but I suspect they might be?

Perhaps that’s one of the reasons people prefer to use Plex alongside Infuse? Try searching the (Firecore) forums; or maybe a helpful Plex user can chime in here?

*I was only referring to “Vanilla” Infuse (without Plex, Emby, or Jellyfin managing content) not yet supporting multiple user profiles. I don’t know if any of those others do.

Thanks for clarifying. Looks like I need to get some Plex users to weigh in on their experience. I did not see anything specific to profiles/sharing tags in searching the Firecore forums.

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I did, but only old requests that they be added. Not sure if that ever happened or not yet.

Good luck! :crossed_fingers:t3:

I’m a plex user and multiple profiles are not supported. It’s been on the wish list for a few years so I wouldn’t expect it anytime soon.

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I am an infuse user but have it connected to a Plex server. Unfortunately, the multi user profiles on Plex is not supported on Infuse as yet. As yet is a generous term, because if you do a search for multi user profiles on this forum you will see it has been requested for about the past 5 years or so.

It is one of the reasons I am contemplating not renewing my subscription this year to Infuse and sticking to Plex so that my kids can access their shows and I can access mine.

With the new TVOS (AppleTV), you can have multiple users on the device itself but there doesn’t seems to be any traction on Infuse leveraging off this either…

For me the ideal would be:

  1. Infuse to be native player and library manager
  2. All source material to be on a seperate share
  3. Each user to have their own profile AND library using the same source material
  4. Ability to assign security roles to Infuse and folders: i.e set up the kids profile with only the Kids movies etc. visible and a “admin password” required to add additional folders
  5. Each profile to have it’s own “watching now, recently added” section

But I digress…as I said, 5 years or so and counting…

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Thanks; this is very helpful.

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