Pre-Beta Testers Needed (advanced users only)

We’re looking for a handful of advanced users who are interested in testing a pre-beta version of the new Media Player app that is set to be released in Beta6. 

This new version of Media Player is brand new, and has been built from the ground-up. There has been rigorous testing on our end over the past few weeks, but due to the number of core changes we’d like to have some outside feedback before the new version is made public.

Advanced testers must:

  1. Have aTV Flash (black) currently installed
  2. Be experienced with SSH
  3. Possess a collection of mixed media that is available for testing (AVI, MKV, MP4, VOB, etc...)
  4. Be willing to provide detailed feedback on features and performance

If this sounds like you, shoot me a PM and I’ll put you on the pre-beta list.

We’re expecting the pre-beta version to be ready later this week.

yep count me in :slight_smile:

i am also in 2.

Hi, Yes I’d love to help.

Please count me in :slight_smile:

If this would let me play media on my remote server 100 miles away via atvflash. Then yes I will do this. Have had no success with xbmc yet, so would love to try new media player for long distance media.

Count me in also!

It really depends on the file type.

Most likely, the internet connection will become a bottleneck for streaming large files over the internet.

Message sent.

Definitely keen

PM sent

Sent you a PM James.

If Netflix can do it. And amazon video on demand can also. And I have great upload speed. There should be no bottleneck. Not looking for 1080p as that requires too much upload speed. Would by happy with 480p of my *.m4v (aka mp4) files.


Definately want to trial the beta if all it takes is the transfer of a deb file and installation of it.  Relatively easy if you have used these tools already.

Alright, we should have enough testers for now.

Keep an eye on your inbox tomorrow for more details. :)

sure. Add me to the list please.

Count me in.

Emails have been sent! :)

Count me in, would love to have the opportuninty to assist in testing and improving the product for the community.

Do you want errors reported here or via email? First impressions are that performance is dramatically better (as had been promised).

EDIT:  Read email more carefully about reporting errors - so will follow the route suggeted.