Power lead in for jb to work

Hi guys I have had two units last couple of days one on 4.4.4 one on 5.0.2 and both times I was able to save the blobs an apt tickets successfully only when I tried to restore the custom Ipsw that sn0w built I get error -1 or 14 and the unit goes into connect to intones recovery mode.

After going up to 5.3 still it wouldn’t go down to the custom Ipsw it would just throw the errors an go to recovery anyways I found a solution go to 5.3 or 6.0.2 depending on what iTunes U have as both worked for me then rebooting the PC and this time connecting the power lead and micro USB?

Then it went threw the restore process with the custom Ipsw right til the bed accept throwing out error 1602 which is nothing and means it was done.
Can anyone else say they have had this lately