Power external hard drive from USB?

Can I power an External hard drive from the usb on the ATV? I will be using the external as the main drive. Thanks!

 use nito smart installer,combo and you will be able use external drive over usb.

Im already using a powered Ext. drive but would like to get a usb powered drive. Trying to find out if the usb will power a drive or not.

so if it is 2.5’’ hdd it will work from usb power,  if it is 3.5’’ hdd it wil not.

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but if I attach an external USB HDD (2.5 usb powered or 3.5 externally powered) will this turn the ATV into a networked storage device?  Will this new drive be accessible by my locally networked PCs?  I can use the ATV and the drive as a share?

I assume that Nito and the other options need to be turned on, what else is required to make this a NAS?


Thanks Ww_X_wW

HDD will be shared.  Set smb share via maint menu.  FTP server is set by default.