Potential HDR issue with ATV 4K 2021


I have had a quick look through the forum for HDR issues but not having any joy fixing my issue.

I have infuse 7.1 pro (3799) with a new Apple TV 4k and HDR content is washed out. If I play same film from Plex on the apple TV it looks better, brighter and the colours seem to pop more. I have tried multiple 4K HDR films and they all seem washed out using Infuse.

As the output from Plex is good on the same Apple TV I am assuming that all the settings on the Apple TV are good and on the Samsung TV?

On the Apple TV I have:
Video format: 4K HDR 60
Chroma: 4:2:2
Match content: Range and Frame Rate (I just enabled these after reading other posts - no difference)
Check HDMI: Your HDMI connection looks good (result from test - have HDMI 2.1 compat cable)

Samsung TV has enhanced HDMI selected on the input the apple TV is on.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to find out where the problem or troubleshoot further?

Many thanks :slight_smile:

Does this also happen if you try playing any of the HDR samples found at https://4kmedia.org?

Does changing the Chroma from 4:2:2 to 4:2:0 have any effect?

Is the Apple TV connected directly to the TV, or are you using another device in between?

Hi James, thanks for getting back to me so quickly :smiley:

Yes this happens with the media from that site. Just used a Sony file with the glass blowing and can see a difference.

No change when using 4:2:0

Apple is connected directly - it is a Samsung where the connections are all on a box (Power/video) so you only have a single ultra thin cable to the TV, but that is as direct you get with the TV.

What I noticed is that maybe it is not HDR but a contrast issue?? When I play the file in Infuse and on the TV I go into picture → expert settings - contrast enhancer and swap from off to low the picture then is much better with better colours and reflections and you can see peoples faces better and it looks just like the image from Plex client (Both infuse and plex are running from a plex server). The problem is more obvious in darker scenes although it is fairly evident in normal bright scenes as well when you compare closely.