Posters missing

I have to say as much as I love GUI of this programm, the poster disappearing randomly day by day and just leaving a black rectangle is frustrating, yesterday a cover was shown, the next day its only black, is it possible that you can finally fix this issue ? There are no issues on Plex and this is a free service…

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Today’s 6.5 update has a few changes in this area.

Namely, Infuse will automatically update posters from TMDb and TheTVDB in cases where there is old or invalid data stored in Infuse.

Additionally, you can refresh metadata/artwork for your entire library manually by using the ‘Refresh Metadata’ option found in Settings > Library. Running this option will redownload metadata and artwork without having to rescan all files, or losing manual matches.

I’m still currently having this issue with random movie posters disappearing. Nothing above helps. I’m also on 6.5.1. I’ve only found 2 ways to get the movie posters to appear properly and that is to wipe all data and let everything setup again, or to rename the movie file. Both are incredibly time consuming.

This is on both movies that I have local metadata and movies that have metadata collected by Infuse.

We’ve identified an issue that can appear in some cases which prevents Infuse from reading the cached info.

We have a fix in progress for the upcoming 6.5.2 release, so it’s possible this may resolve what is going on in your case.

Cool, thanks.

The new update didn’t fix the issue. It’s even worse for me at this point.

Please give 6.5.3 a try and let us know how it goes.