Posters for TV Show Folders with more than one Season

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i’m struggling to add Logos to my TV Shows if there are more than one season in the Folder. Can anyone help me with this issue?

I have all my Episodes (from many Seasons) in one Folder in my NAS, but already tried to split the episode from different Seasons in different folders, but this changed nothing.

When i enter the Folder of the Show all of the Seasons have a Logo, but not the Folder itself.

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Usually this is due to how you have the files and folders named. Could you provide a screen cap the directory structure and file names?

Does this happen on all of your TV shows?

Have you checked on TMDB to verify they have different season posters?

Edit to add, I take it by logos you mean season posters correct?

As you can see all Series with just 1 Season have a series Poster. But the Series with more Seasons dont have one - but have Season posters when you enter the folder

Try this structure and file naming example.

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Works ! Thx alot

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