Poster Art Turned White

This just started happening the other day. Some poster art started to turn into a white blank. This is present in the library, in my favorites folder, on the favorites bar, and the ATV home screen. The only place I can see the actual movie poster is when I click on the movie and you get the movie synopsis, where you hit play. The poster is still white on the bottom part, though.

I use both local and online metadata for different folders and this issue seems to be indiscriminate between the two. Moving the movie doesn’t do anything. I’ve removed it from the folder, refreshed metadata, then added it back, but the problem is still there.

I am having the same problem…
Any solutions?

Please view the link below for more information.

The problem is different than this.

Did you try restarting the apple tv?


Have you tried doing an “Edit Metadata” and re-selecting the correct movie to refresh the artwork on one of the white posters?

This is the same problem I am having. They actually came back for a moment and I thought it was fixed. I exited out of infuse and went back in and the white blank poster was back. I have tried everything so I’m out of options.

I have tried this. I’ve tried clearing all metadata and rebuilding the cache, but nothing’s worked. This issue is weird because the correct art is assigned to the movie. Say if you go to the folder, click on the film, the art will show in the top view with the rest of the movie summary, but it will be white in the bottom bar on that same screen. it’ll be white in the folder, it will be white in the library, and it will be white on recently watched etc. It’s like it’s just refusing to display.

I have folders with local metadata and I have folders with online metadata. It does it for both.

That’s a bummer. It wouldn’t be such a big deal if it didn’t make it difficult to see what’s what.

Okay, just a long shot but do you have embedded metadata turned on in the settings?

I don’t. It started with the 6.3.5 update. When it first happened I was scrolling through one of the folders. Some of the poster art was hanging on that blurry thing Infuse does with the poster art as it populates the screen. Instead of the blurry art turning into the poster, it went blank. Everywhere except for the screen I mentioned above.

I was having a lot of other issues, but with the 6.3.6 update, nearly all the other issues have been fixed. Thanks for the suggestions. If you have anything else, I’m all ears.

It just seems strange to see white instead of either the poster or the ticket icon. It almost sounds like it may have been a corrupt update possibly. If you don’t have a monster library and you have iCloud sync on you may want to try deleting the app and downloading it again and let it rebuild everything by itself including the shares and prefs. This isn’t a for sure thing, just brainstorming a bit.

I have the same problem too. I deleted my entire library and did a fresh start with fresh install. I have now plain white posters for some movies. The metadata shows correct and backdrops shows fine but the poster is blank white. I have done everything possible, but it hasn’t resolved!

We’re looking into a few reports of this.

Sorry for the trouble.

I have found a workaround to this. I had a movie: Kingsman the golden circle, which was showing white poster. I deleted the poster and redownloaded the same poster on the folder - re scanned it - the problem went away.
Also I have noticed, after the migration, tmdb has lost so many backdrops that when you actually find the movie on the website, it has 0 backdrop whereas it used to have dackdrops before.

Thanks James.

I actually tried this method yesterday and that probably why it came back briefly but then when exited infuse and came back they were white.

Thanks. Maybe I try this method again. You gave me another idea though.

same problem here, only appeared recently alone with mass posters lost issue.

I tried to download poster by “Edit” multiple times, still white poster.

The only place I can see the actual poster image is, enter movie info page, the poster thumbnail on the bottom is not white.

In the end I had to download poster from TMDb and upload to movie folder to get poster shown.

I don’t use Library, I browse by folder structure via NFS.

Same problem here and it’s affected every single movie and the advice to click edit and choose the poster again is not practical for thousands of movies.

I too use folders rather than library as I want to keep kids movies separate.

I also facing this issue and clearing all metadata and rebuild all only solve for a while, the poster is randomly return to white from time to time. I am using latest Infuse at Apple TV 4K and use Plex as plugin for the metadata.