Post Successful Update Stories here

If anyone has been successful with their update to aTV Flash 4.0 and aTV 3.0, please post here with a quick summary. Did you have an external drive? Did you do a factory restore first? Etc… Thanks!

I have had a fair amount of success, depending on what you call success. Since I never store anything on the AppleTV other than rentals (I use iTunes sharing for my entire library) I always do a factory restore then update the OS then install the latest ATVFlash.

Then only issues I have had seem to be revolving around the order of operations. For example, the QuickTime Web Plugin wouldn’t install prior to running the NitoTV Smart Installer. Firefox did install, yet wouldn’t run until after the NitoTV Smart Installer.

My custom install of the Shockwave and Silverlight plugins seemed to work just fine. The Air Mobile Mouse support works just as good as in the 2.4/3.6.4 combo. Haven’t tested the java install (necessary for the movie plugin) or the VNC setup yet.


Well I followed the instructions and everything works except the ATV won’t find the old library of movies on the external drive. I started a sync with my itunes library but I noticed it was showing my old used space from before and just copying my new stuff over so i would be taking up duplicate space. I switched ATV back to internal drive, unplugged the external drive and plugged it into my mac, formatted it, and of course reformatted it within ATV.
I am in the process of re-syncing my itunes library but everything else works like NITO and XBMC which are the only other things I use and they work fast.
Once my movies are over I will be right back where I left off with a much cooler and faster interface.
Might want to look into the external drive issue though. My library is large but I also have a drobo box that is much larger with all my DVD libraries and that was not effected since I use XBMC or NITO for those.

UPDATE actually now that i think about it my external media was called just that “External Media” before the upgrade and when i loaded it on my mac to reformat it, it mounted as MediaHD so i am sure that was the issue with the renaming of the mount / drive by ATV flash i assume…

UPDATE2 Everything is working great for me. My movies, TV shows, and music / music videos are all back on the external drive, my drobo box is working fine in XBMC and all those plugins work within XBMC like Justin.TV and right now I am enjoying the Internet radio Rock of the 80’s.

I went ahead and installed the updates to both 3.01 and 4.01. I followed the latest update instructions that the atvflash staff have been posted and everything went well for me. The process does take about an hour.

I have an apple tv with the 160g drive and I don’t use the external drive as a boot up device.

Installed the upgrade Saturday with just a minor hitch. Firstly reformatted the flash stick, reset ATV to factory settings and created a new flash stick…all with no hitches. Followed the instructions to a T and all went well flashing the ATV till I got to XMBC/Boxee. Only issue arose when I installed the Launcher under XMBC/Boxee, the tab on the main UI dissapeared. I rectified this by going to Maintenance, Manage Plugins and uninstalling then reinstalling the XMBC launcher. Checked through the complete installation and all apperas to be working. USB, Applications etc. I have a LaCie 2TB external HD connected. I also used MacDrive (a multi platform application in which You can access HFS+ files on a PC.) to format the external drive. This is not a necessary step, I just wanted the HDD on the same platform as the ATV. The only issue I have now is described here Any help with this would be greatly appreciated, even to know if what I want to achieve is even possible.

All in all it was a painless experience. Well worth the $$$ IMHO. For the little bit of troubleshooting to get it up and running, I think its well worth it

I had no problems updating to 4.01. I use an external drive (over 1TB of movies) as my primary storage and did not “lose” any of my movies. I simply followed the instructions at:

though I did have to reboot once I installed the Smart Installer and changed my primary storage to external. All of my movies/TV shows/music were recognized without any problems.