post JB 5.3

I guess that after JB, if I were to try to update the OS to whatever, my JB would be gone?
I’m having issues with PBS not showing up suddenly, where it once did, even after the original JB.

Yes, if you update the OS you lose JB. As far as PBS goes… sometimes addons/links/host sites go down, jailbreaking again wont fix that.

Darn the Luck ! ! !

I updated my iTunes then jb my atv2 and it seamed to work. I can install XBMC but no icon come on main screen. I try to update with no luck. It says it JB but still no icon. 5.3 (6105)

Likewise. Only does a partial install. Wants to update. Can’t.
At 5.3 I have given up on everything except infuse and am now saving for another mac mini to use as HTPC

I finally figured it out. I installed (updated) Kodi 4.2 using putty and that fixed the problem

Hi, when you say KODI 4.2, which version is that exactly?

Just google Kodi new release and the just copy and past updates to your atv2 via putty and it will except it. All will be good. Once your apple reboots you will see a Kodi app aka xbmc