Post installation - ATV2 freezes when exiting xbmc

Installation onto ATV2 with latest apple fireware - no issues. However, after installing xbmc via maintenance menu atv2 froze and needed hard reboot. XBMC showed up in menu and I configured to stream HULU from my computer running the latest playon. No issues. Watched several clips, again no issues with playback. When I exited XBMC, the AVT2 again appears frozen with a black screen and needed a hard reboot to get back to the regular menu. Any ideas and/or suggestions are appreciated. thanks.

I may be an issue with you XBMC install. I have all three of them running and working. plex, xbmc and media player.

Try installing the latest nightly for XBMC to see if that solves your problem.

By hard reboot do you mean unplugging the power from ATV2 for a few minutes?

Yes, when it freezes it requires the power cord to be removed. I installed xbmc via maintenance. How does one download a different version? 

You can instrall via ssh. The instructions are posted on Firecore for ssh and you can get the needed lines to input at the XBMC for ATV2 page at XBMC.

thanks, I’ll give it a try

Have you tried holding the play and menu button at the same time to re-boot? Just curious if that would work at all.