Possibly Infuse Subtitle issue but not sure if it was there before

Ok so I upgraded to Infuse yesterday, however I can’t say if the problem I have was there before as I’ve never tried to do this before.

I started watching a movie and the first few scenes were in Russian, I had noticed an srt file earlier so placed this with the mp4 file, and enabled them using the ‘hold select’ menu. This worked for the Russian bits but is not Lso narrating the English bits, I realise this is prob an srt file problem, however I now can’t turn it off, when I go to the menu and select off, the ATV hangs for ages (prob about 45 seconds). Then when I start again the film has the bloody subtitles enabled!

More annoyingly every time I come to start it, it offers ‘resume’ but always starts from the beginning. With all my messing about I’ve now watched the same 5 minutes about 10 times!! :s

Anyone else having issues with srt’s or with resuming playback? This is my first time using an srt so that why I’m not sure if it was there before.


I rebooted the ATV, and reloaded the movie metadata. Started watching and all looked good, about 20 minutes in the subtitles have started again, but now they are about 60 seconds behind!