possible workaround for not eligible error....

I haven't gotten it to completely work yet, but making more progress. I was having that same not eligible message that a lot of us are having. I tried different files, etc. with no luck. Then I remembered that I used tiny umbrella when restoring one of my iphones. So, here's what I did..... (kinda long)

Recreated new file in pwnage tool

opened tiny umbrella

clicked on start tss server

opened itunes


Selected the new file

It verified and started writing the file! YEA!

Well, it would get to 99% and hang there...BOO...

Did a little research and found possible solution...reinstall itunes

So did that....

Had to create a new file but this time it went all the way through until it got to verifying, then it shows restore a couple more times and bombs with a 1600 error.

Now if you want to try again, you need to create a new file with pwnage tool everytime.

All that being said...it seems there may be a way to still get this file onto the atv2.

I discovered all that at 1am, so if someone wants to go through this and try it....it may work (I think mine got semi-bricked cause the cable got disconnected mid-update)

Perform these steps at your own risk, not guaranteed to work.

Also....I edited my hosts file to point to saurik's server.

I was also thinking this is the path to success. But want someone else to shwo they got it working forst, before I brick my ATV 2.

By the way, can a bricked ATV 2 be brought back to an apple store and just exchanged for a new one? Will an apple store have one in stock?

you can always unbrick any iDevice. just restore it to the LASTEST firmware. you will lose current jailbreak possibilities (until pawnage tool is updated), but you wont have a paperweight.

But how is the custom firmware gonna be signed? You can use tinyumbrella and cydia server if you already had your blobs saved. But without them I doubt your are going to be able to install the custom firmware into the aTV. Just my opinion. I don't know if I'm right and I really wish that I'm not.