Possible to update ATV2 and re-jailbreak?

Hi Firecore community,

I have an untethered jailbroken ATV running firmware 4.4.4 (with saved blobs).

It works great, but as the firmware is so old, there are things it can no longer do such as Airplay from certain apps (e.g. official Youtube iOS app) and Netflix.

Is it possible to update the firmware to the latest jailbroken firmware (5.3 iirc) and re-jailbreak? Or can you only upgrade to the most recent firmware (6.1.1) and not earlier ones?


IApple still seems to be signing the 5.3 release, so i you run the latest SeasonPass it can upgrade you to the 5.3 jailbroken firmware. Note that you will lose any installed apps and their data if you re-jailbreak. Gaving said that I would select the option to back up your 4.4.4 blobs first in case something goes wrong.

Hi itimpi,
Finally got around to it today, and you’re absolutely right, Apple still signs 5.3. Managed to get Airplay, Netflix and XBMC working again in only a few minutes.