Possible to open directly to Plex/Jellyfin content info from another app?

Hi! I’m working on an Overseerr/JellySeerr app for the AppleTV and was wondering if it was possible to deep link directly to the media details in Infuse if the content exists on the users library.

For instance I have access to the Jellyfin media ID from the JellySeerr API. Is it possible to construct an infuse deeplink that would take me to the media details for that id so the user could then play the content?

Thanks in advanced for your help.

I believe all apps are sandboxed and you cannot read any information from another app. And infuse does not run on a server or save its data anywhere readable.

Infuse has a number of integration options available via x-callback-url, and using these would allow you to play videos directly in Infuse while browsing and initiating playback through other apps.

Hi James, thanks for the response. I had previously read those support docs and unfortunately it doesn’t meet my use case. I don’t have access to the media path information only the jellyfin media id. My hope was that it might be enough information to launch them into infuse and land on the media info page so they could choose to play from there but I’m guessing that’s not the case.


do you have solution? I have apple tv with infuse and jellyfin connect to infuse and I would like to send deeplink to my apple tv to play any movies/series