Possible To Jailbreak on a PC, and Tether Boot on MAC?

My friend just sent me his old ATV (5.2.1) which he jailbroke on his PC, the same computer he uses to tether boot it.

I own a MAC and he said that I could download the new Seasonpass (9.3), right click on the Tether Boot icon, choose version 5.2.1, and do the 2 minute Tether Boot like he does.  

It does not work for me.  Should it?  What am I doing wrong?

I’m either stuck and cannot enter DFU mode, or if I’m found in DFU, I get the message:  Can’t load iBSS!  

I am very clear on how to tether boot since I’ve done it many times – but on my friend’s PC (which originally jailbroke the unit).

My friend and I are both confused about how I can tether boot this ATV which is already jailbroken and loaded with XBMC addons on my MAC.

Shouldn’t there be a way for me to use Seasonpass to do this short of re-jailbreaking on my MAC?

Is Tether booting really computer or platform specific (PC vs MAC)?  

Seems hard to believe since I see these jailbroken tethered units sold everyday on EBAY and Amazon.  

I want to tether boot my ATV – jailbroken on a PC – on my MAC, and just do not understand how to do it.  Damn these tethered versions!



You’ll have to click “create ipsw” and let it download and patch ipsw. Don’t let itunes restore thogh. Once ipsw is patched seasonpass should allow the tether.


The reason behind this is you need that jailbroken file on your computer first.


p.s. You can’t just copy file from friend.

Thanks for your response. 

I’ve posted this same issue in the more active XBMC forum and have gotten a variety of responses – including those from individuals who were stymied and had to do just as you said to be able to tether boot, while others seemed to be able to simply do the quick “tether boot” download without creating an IPSW.

Some posters said they were ALWAYS presented with the “tether boot” option after opening Seasonpass, others said they only saw a the click-able icon option once they downloaded the IPSW.

A very respected veteran poster chimed in that there would ALWAYS be a tether boot option presented – as long as the ATV was attached to the computer… implying that anyone being presented with a “grayed-out” option of the “tethered boot” recieved it because they did not have their ATV’s Micro-USB(ed) into their computer.

It really doesn’t seem like both situations should exist. 

Why would some users get a “grayed-out” option, while others don’t?

What variables determine this?


I’d like to read through that XBMC forum to see if I can pick up any good advice but I cant locate it. What id the address to that discission?