possible to install GreenPois0n RC6 over Seas0nPass?

has anyone tried this? I’m hoping running GP RC6 will just grant me the untethered jailbreak and I can maintain my apps/settings. but I’m not looking to fuck this one up.

AppleTV 4.2.1 (4.1.1) tethered jailbreak with Seas0nPass.

Yes. Jailbreak with GPRC6 and then inject the Cydia repo. Then install ATVFlash. However it broke the wifi the first time but successful second time around!?

How do you inject the Cydia Repo?

I’d like to know that as well. thanks for the info!

got it.  Once you jailbraked it with GreenPoisOn you will get a menu item call greenpoint and there you get the option to inget

I did this method and it worked well, but there seem some irregularities reported with WiFi cutting out. But GP is untethered which is a really nice thing, and if you are running either wired, or aren't effected by the wifi problem, it's very, very nice to have.

failed on jailbreaking through season pass but did it successfully through green poison. gp is much better than season pass. had trouble getting wifi on apple tv after isntalling atv flash but did jailbreak again and now everything up and running smoothly.