Possible to hide system folders from view?



I’m using a Qnap Nas - and everything is working great.

I have a niggle though - that i could use some help with.


In my shared folder - it lists all my content - But also lists 2 System Folders (Network Trash Folder & Temporary Items).  Both of these are hidden folders on the drive, and for the life of me, i cant find a way of deleting them (They don’t show in the NAS web view…and i dont seem to be able to see them from my windows PC (even looking for hidden folders).


So q:


  1. Can someone tell me how to remove them from the NAS folder in the first place (I dont use the networt trash feature, its disabled) 

  2. Is there a way of hiding them, stopping them appearing in the Media Player window… .


I suspect a good linux guy can help me with 1) 





first off, I have to admit I know nothing about the Qnap NAS, so this is based purely on experience with the various network sharing protocols themselves and running the servers on a Linux box in my basement :slight_smile:

that said, I have done a lot of work on my server to hide that junk, because it was annoying me, too … are you using AFP or SMB to access your files? the solution i found (I actually eventually figured out how to do this for NFS, AFP, and SMB) doesn’t actually delete the files, but it does hide them so they never show up unless you’re actually on the command line of the server :slight_smile:



I’m using AFP… A hiding solution would be just fine :) 




ok, here’s how I did it … different setups may be different, though … in my /etc/netatalk/AppleVolumes.default file, I have the following two lines (there are others, but these are the important ones):


/mnt/media/Movies       Movies           veto:"/lost+found/Network Trash Folder/Temporary Items/"

/mnt/media/Music        Music            veto:"/lost+found/Network Trash Folder/Temporary Items/"


basically, it’s a slash-delimited list of things to match … if I remember correctly, it matches the text between the slashes ANYWHERE in the path, so if you have those directories in multiple places, it’ll hide all of them :slight_smile: … i have a few other things in my config file, but removed anything that didn’t have to do with hiding :slight_smile:

Hi - thanks for the post. 

I’ve looked into this today - (first chance i’ve had) - but the file structure on my QNAP NAS doesn’t match your suggestion.  I don’t have a path of


 Any other ideas - or does anyone else know where i could find this config file ?  Tx

Hmm, it’s most likely somewhere in /etc (assuming the QNAS uses the same software to provide AFP support) … if you have shell access, you might try:


find /etc -name AppleVolumes.default




find / -name AppleVolumes.default


to see if you can find the file that way … if not, i’m afraid I won’t be any more help, since that would mean it’s using different software than i’m used to


thanks for this… my linux skills aren’t the best, but i guessed there would be a simple way to search :slight_smile: - sadly, this didn’t give a result - so i guess they must do things in a different way… hmmm… 

thanks anyway.

I know you asked this a long time ago, but I did not see a good solution here.  I did find the solution though, and for a QNAP NAS, to boot!

THE SOLUTION, WHICH IS VERY SIMPLE, is to just add a period to the beginning of the folder name or file name.  For example,

  1. Change from Movies to .Movies 
  2. Change from @Recycle to .@Recycle
  3. Change from firstmovie.mp4 to .firstmovie.mp4


This simple change could be made via a command line, but could also be made via the "File Station" app within the QNAP NAS web interface.

I hope this helps!