Possible to Create Custom Genres, Folders, or Lists?

I have several Christmas movies that I’d like to group together. Same with Halloween movies. Is it possible now to create custom genres, folders, or lists where I can organize my own groupings of movies?

Unfortunately, not really, unless you want to skip the benefits of indexed libraries and just use “favorite” folders.

Please throw your support behind Allow defining any number of libraries and vote it up–not just with a +1. I think we all agree that only having two simple libraries, “TV Shows” and “Movies,” is not sufficient: we need to able to define any number of indexed libraries, and decide on the metadata source that powers each.

You can actually have customised genres by having a local xml file that includes your customised genre such as “Christmas”. But it is a bit of a pain to create a current xml metadata file from an online source and edit it to include your customised genre.

Customised collections is the way to go. Either Trakt or Plex collections could offer this functionality (although I am not a Plex user).

Isn’t possible to create a custom folder directly on Gdrive and add that folder as a favorite? After adding it you can then Rename and Select Artwork to make it look more official. One drawback would be having to manually put the files you want in the folder, but wouldn’t that give the same end result?