Possible to Add Month and Day to Filename for Accurate Metadata?

I add the release year to all of my movie filenames, but I still get some movies that are assigned incorrect metadata. I don’t suppose I can add the month and day (from TMDb) in conjunction with the year? If not, could this be implemented at a later date?

Do the mismatches have the same name and year with only the month and day differing?

I added “Strike (2018)” and the metadata that was pulled was “Air Strike (2018)”. When I edited the metadata, “Air Strike (2018)” was the first result and “Strike (2018)” was the second.

I’m not sure the API used even has the options available for month and day. Not quite sure why it hops over an exact match to drag up the Air Strike but could be just because it’s more recent. I’d question if this is something that occurs often enough for it to be a real issue but it is interesting. At least it does offer the correct one as soon as you click edit.

If it does happen real often then maybe start a thread in the suggestions area and see if it gets some traction.

Thanks for your insight.

Air Strike release date is October 26, 2018
Strike release date is May 11, 2018

So, your logic that it pulled the newer (perhaps more popular) result may be true.

No, this definitely isn’t a common occurrence and is easily remedied with the edit feature. The only drawback is that my wife also has to make the metadata correction as we do not share the same iCloud account.

This isn’t supported at this time, sorry.

Year is the best your can do for TMDb, even on the website.


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