Possible bug using NAS + infuse 5.6.3 + Chrome Cast


First, my question:

I´m using my Macbook pro 2011 as a NAS, and I´ve managed to use it with Infuse 5.6.3 without any problems (when streaming to my iphone 7). However, when I tried to stream from my NAS and mirror to my chromecast ultra at the same time, I got an infinite loading screen on Infuse. My question is: Can I do that or is it impossible to make the iphone stream and mirror at the same time?

Second, the bug:

When I get the previously said infinite loading screen on iphone, it´s impossible to return or cancel the attempt to mirror. When this happens, I have to kill the app. And once you choose the option to mirror to chromecast, it becomes the default option (it doesn´t let me return to iphone screen), creating an infinite loop every time the chromecast is turned on (because it tries to stream from my NAS and automatically mirror to chromecast, returning to the situation above.)

Thank you.