Portrait vs landscape

I created art for my favourites on the atv4k, looked good.
I then picked up my iPad and discovered the folder artwork is in portrait.
I couldn’t find any place to choose portrait or landscape.
Was this done on purpose or am I not looking in the correct place?

After re-reading first message, I’d thought I would give more detail.
I created my own artwork in landscape and added it to the desired favourites folder as folder.jpg and everything looked correct on atv4k.
The file folders on my iPad are in portrait so I created some new artwork in portrait to replace the landscape for the iPad and it looked correct on iPad.
Now they show wrong on atv4k as the landscape only shows the middle of the portrait artwork.
Is there a way to have both work correctly?

Yes, you can use ‘favorite.png’ or ‘favorite-atv.png’ to set different artwork versions.

More info here.

Thanks for the help.
I had trouble making it work, till I realized the spelling of the file name. I spelled it favourite, not favorite as in the email. Same word, different spellings.
It’s the little details that get overlooked sometimes.


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