Portrait Mode Support for Enhanced Mobile Viewing Experience?

I’ve been using Infuse on my iPhone for a while now and it’s been fantastic for my daily commute and travel needs. The playback quality and the app’s ability to handle various formats seamlessly have made it my go-to media player on iOS.

However, I’ve come across a bit of a hiccup that affects my viewing experience. As it stands, Infuse primarily operates in landscape mode for video playback. While this is great for most situations, there are times, especially when I’m on the move or trying to watch something with one hand, where being able to use portrait mode would be a huge plus.

I’m wondering if there’s a possibility to introduce portrait mode support for video playback in future updates. This addition would offer a more flexible viewing experience and accommodate a wider range of user scenarios, enhancing overall accessibility and convenience.

Has anyone else felt the need for portrait mode, or is it just me? I think having the option to switch between portrait and landscape modes could cater to various preferences and situations, making Infuse even more versatile.

Also, if there’s a workaround or a setting I’ve missed that enables this, I’d love to know. Thanks for considering my suggestion, and kudos to the team for such a solid app!

Settings - Playback - Landscape Lock

Turn that off and you can watch in portrait :slight_smile:

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