Populate playlists across devices

New here, so please be gentle.
I have set up a number of playlists in Infuse on my Mac. Is there any way I can populate these to other devices (ie Apple TV, iPad) or do they have to be set up separately on each device. I am syncing via iCloud.

Playlists and Collections should sync with iCloud

Just trying to get everything in Sync on my iPad to start with.
Infuse on the iPad mirrors everything on my Mac except for playlists.
iCoud sync is turned on the iPad and Mac, setting on the iPad and Mac are identical.
In Privacy and Security on the Mac I have added Infuse to Files and Folders (not sure if I needed to) and given Infuse Full Disk Access (Again not sure if I needed to) but still no playlist on the iPad.
In System Settings, Infuse is displayed as having access to iCloud.
I suspect it’s something small that I’m missing as everything else is there but Playlists. Appreciative of any help.

Ok, I think I found the problem. I created the playlists by right-clicking on a video and creating/adding to a playlist. When I read back through the Help page on playlists it said to open the video, click on the three dots and add to a playlist. Will give it a bit more time tomorrow but on a small playlist it seems to have been propagated to the iPad at least. Will check Apple TV in the morning. Bed time!!

One thing to keep in mind is that Infuse will keep separate playlists for local and streamed files.

For example, if you have a few local files on you iPad and place those into a playlist they would not be available to play on Mac or Apple TV, so Infuse will not sync these playlists to other devices. The same would apply to local files on Mac or iPhone.

If you add streamed files to a playlist (which are available on other devices) Infuse would then sync that playlist to other devices.

Also, playlist syncing is handled through iCloud, and there are a few things to check to ensure this is set up and working.


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