Popping sound when I start and stop video with media player

I am running the 1.1.1 aTV Flash black and am finding that when I start and stop my ripped DVDs with the built in Media Player, I get a short pop through the audio system.  Its not unbearable, but just very annoying.  It sounds kind of like when you plug in an audio device with the power on and you get that loud pop as its connecting.  This is not that loud, but the same kind of noise.  I’m assuming this is a bug since it does it with all my videos.

I am getting the same sound when trying to watch a movie. It is extremely annoying. Anyone know how to fix this?

have the same problem here with new atv flash black version.


only appears when audio output via hdmi on tv, optical through teufel speaker system -> perfect!


any suggestions?


edit: ok, disabling dolby digital works. not perfect though.