poor playback across N network

I am new to using NitoTV and Files/Sapphire on my appleTV, but I have been using XBMC for network avi playback on the AppleTV for about a year.

I was always very happy with the playback performance of XBMC across my N network to access remote avi files, however I was not happy that I had to launch a seperate app to access the media. The experience isn’t ideal. That is why I was finally motivated to try Sapphire and NitoTV to combine all of my media into one top-level media chooser.

Mounting my shares in NitoTV went flawlessly, as did configuring Sapphire to tag all of my media. However, I then experienced many of the same problems other users have reported on this forum accessing remote avi/xvid/etc files across a network. The symptoms are file playback skipping and general playback failures resulting in a long-pause only fixed by unplugging the appleTV. I researched mplayer commandline flags for increased buffering, etc. but I didn’t find any documentation which indicated this was possible.

The mplayer Cache Time settings do not seem to have any affect on mplayer by the way. I dont know if this is due to configuration issues or a bug in my release.

Additionally, all of my non-h264 media skips. It doesn’t seem to be limited to a specific filetype or codec. Also, I have not tried playback locally as this will not meet my use-case. I have since moved back to xmbc however would love to use Sapphire/NitoTV again if mplayer performance can be improved.

I have a bare minimum installed:

mplayer Codecs
Smart Installer