Poor performance scrolling a list of 200+ movies


I have a list of 220 videos in a folder. Whether scrolling a list or a grid, performance is very slow, with the UI often lagging seconds behind input. When holding ‘down’ to scroll continuous, I get a highly variable scrolling framerate — ranging from a 10 fps down to a less than 1 fps.

Files are being access over 100BASE-T ethernet, stored on a USB drive attached to an Airport Extreme.

There’s no caching or metadata loading activity ongoing during this scrolling. (On a related note though, movie thumbnails can be slow to appear after scrolling.)

Is this fixable?




Hmm, that doesn’t sound normal.

Which version of aTV Flash (black) and AppleTV are you running?

I’m running aTV Black 1.2 on an Apple TV 2 with the latest firmware.


Would you mind sending in a bug report?

I dont know if this is related but my Apple TV today also experienced a series of additional problems:

  • movie playback crashed several times using normal iTunes streaming.
  • intermittent UI lag on the main menu screen of the Apple TV.
  • IR remotes started working only intermittently before eventually stopping functioning completely about 10 minutes later. I tried otht the apple remote and a Logitech universal remote that I use with the Apple tv every day. Connecting with and using the iOS Remote app works perfectly though, and using the IR remotes still causes the indicator light to blink with each button press as normal.

I might try wiping and reinstalling later. I’ll post the results of doing so.

Will do, thanks.