Poor metadata download and Plex client

I’ve just purchased the new infuse 5 pro as I was already using infuse 4 and it works excellently at playing videos, in fact better than any other player. The only issue with it, is the poor to non-existent metadata management.
I insert all my metadata into the m4v or mp4 files at the tine of creation, in order to ensure they take their metadata with them wherever they go. The issue is even with embedded metadata turned on when the metadata download works (and it only works about 50% of the time) it quite often gets it wrong.

I have no issue with the player, in fact I have issues with HD playback on my apple TV when using the standard plex client and all I ever do is just switch from plex client to Infuse, load the same movie and it plays without fault, it also gives me access to the DTS soundtrack and more - to be honest perfect and well worth the subscription.

I recently tried the MrMC apple TV app and whilst it also plays my videos well (not as well as infuse) one thing it does do is it acts as a plex client. Would it be possible to get infuse to do this ?
Even when using library mode in infuse the metadata download and management is pretty bad, the Plex server metadata management, user management (I have a plex pass) is almost perfect, so if you could have infuse to act as a plex client, that would be the best of both worlds, if Infuse could use the metadata etc. direct from my plex server it would (for me at least) be the perfect solution.


See this thread Infuse as a Plex Client and comment if you like, thanks.